Individual Pastries

  • Sugar free biscuit base, soft cream cheese mousse and sugar free blueberry compote
  • Honey Cake

    Soft honey-flavored sponge, sour cream mousse, decorate with dehydrated honey sponge crumbs.
  • Opera

    Layered cake with mocca biscuit, chocolate ganache, and coffee buttercream.
  • Crunchy base, dulce de letche mousse, soft dark chocolate sponge, creamy peanut, coating with milk chocolate peanut glaze.
  • Pistachio jaconde layered with creamy white chocolate mousse and decorated with pistachio dust.
  • Baked almond tart, diplomat cream and fresh strawberry.
  • Tiramisu

    Coffee flavored sable biscuit layered with mascarpone cheese mousse in a cup.
  • Millefeuille, the classic French pastry that consists of layers of razor-thin puff pastry and custard cream filling.
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